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Models A-B-P-M & Supers



I need to know at the time of order on some grips exactly which model you have in order to insure that they are cut on the back right, as with the AS, BS, PS for the mag safety.  The Super series uses a different cut for the mag release on the right grip as opposed to the A,B, P,M unless it is one of my universal grips which fit both styles.

None of my grips are cut for a lanyard loop, so if you have a lanyard loop I need to know to avoid your having to return them to get it cut.

I make all of my grips with jigs to ensure that they are all the same in screw hole dimensions and outside shape but the arch is shaped by hand so they may not be exact from pair to pair, they will however be very close.

They are all guaranteed to fit and if they do not I will fit them to your liking.  Just e-mail me and let me know you are not happy with the fit and I will take care of it.   Guns do vary while you might think they do not.


Model PS with plain Black Walnut grips

#06022   $26.95

  Ambrosia Maple
#06110              $26.95     Sold 3/25/15

  Marble wood
#07224          $26.95  

Shedua- Amazique
#07234           $26.95  

 Goncalo Alves
#07428                $26.95     

#07965                  $35.00    Sold 3/25/25

Western Maple Burl 
#08008                 $28.95  
Sold 3/17/15

 Made from Polyester Resin to give the apperance of laminated wood
#08024                  $35.00

 Black Walnut fiddleback
#089025                      $27.95

 Black Pearl Polyester
#08026                  $35.00

 Dyamondwood Laminated Walnut
#08061                  $32.00

#08062                  $27.95

#08063                    $27.95  Sold 3/27/15

 English Walnut
#08064                   $27.95

#08081                  $27.95

Western Maple burl
#08082                  $29.95

 Fiddle Back Black Walnut
#08083                  $27.95


Model  1920

Grips for this and the model 1921 will be plain as I no longer checker