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Max I - IX A&B - XI A&B

Max I L/T deluxe with Screwbean Mesquite crotch grain  


Max I -LF or CF

     Style 1

    English Walnut
#06138               $26.95 

 English  Walnut
#07339              $26.95       

 Brown Polyurethane
#07724                  $26.00     

#07896                  $26.95

#07897                  $26.95

Style 2
These have the same dimensions as the grips above except they extend over the detent spring bar.  Much nicer looking and all I will be making in this width from now on except by special order.


 South American Black Mesquite
#07901                  $27.95

#07904                  $27.95


More to follow

Colt  style  for the Max I LF and CF

These grips are narrower than the regular rubber grips

  Black Walnut  
#07198         $27.95    

 Marble Wood
#07375                $27.95

 English Walnut
#07655                  $27.96

 Fiddleback  Bastogne Walnut
#07853                   $28.95

#07854                  $27.95

South Amercian Black Mesquite
#07855                   $27.95

 More to follow

This is a second style of Max I LF made in 98 according to the date mark.  The difference is the frame which resembles the earlier two  vent frames but uses a different grip.  This gun is marked on the right side of the slide with "EL MILITAR".  Sights are Novak and not original to the gun.  I can make grips for it.  Regular Max I grips do not fit.

Two vent rib models with large base magazines  IXA or XIA


Russian Olive  Poly U
#04957  $26.95 


Llama Extra, M&P Model VII 's and  3 Vent rib Especial Large frame

Especial with Birdseye Maple

Llama Extra with Black Mesquite


 Burl Claro Walnut
#07368                $29.95

  Ambrosia Maple (Especial)

#06100            $27.95        

fancy Burl Walnut  (Especial)
#07332              $32.00     

  Fancy Texas Mesquite (Extra)
#07326             $27.95

 Australian Mesquite  (Extra)
#07327            $27.95

 Plain Texas Mesquite (Extra)
#07328               $27.95