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I make all of my grips with jigs to ensure that they are all the same in screw hole dimensions and outside shape but the arch is shaped by hand so they may not be exact from pair to pair, they will however be very close.

They are all guaranteed to fit and if they do not I will fit them to your liking.  Just e-mail me and let me know you are not happy with the fit and I will take care of it.   Guns do vary while you might think they do not. 

Check "Woods I use"  to see what all I can make if you dont see something you like.  Ocassionally I will have woods not listed just ask. 

Max I - IX A&B - XI A&B

Max I L/T deluxe with Screwbean Mesquite crotch grain  


Max I -LF or CF

     Style 1


  Western Maple
#08262               $27.95

#08263             $27.95

 Flame Walnut
#08267               $29.95

 Bubinga  not as red as they look. More of a wine color.
#08268               $27.95

#08269               $27.95

#08270               $28.95

 Burl Western Maple
#08275                $29.95

 English Walnut
#08276                $27.95

Style 2
These have the same dimensions as the grips above except they extend over the detent spring bar.  Much nicer looking .

 Tiger Stripe Walnut
#08255               $27.95

#08259               $28.95

#08264               $27.95

 Tiger  Stripe  Walnut
#08265                $28.95

 Australian Black Mesquite
#08277                $27.95

 English Walnut
#08278                $27.95

 Black Walnut
#08279                $27.95

#08280                $27.95


More to follow


This is a second style of Max I LF made in 98 according to the date mark.  The difference is the frame which resembles the earlier two  vent frames but uses a different grip.  This gun is marked on the right side of the slide with "EL MILITAR".  Sights are Novak and not original to the gun.  I can make grips for it.  Regular Max I grips do not fit.

Two vent rib models with large base magazines  IXA or XIA


Russian Olive  Poly U
#04957  $26.95 


Llama Extra, M&P Model VII 's and  3 Vent rib Especial Large frame

Especial with Birdseye Maple

Llama Extra with Black Mesquite


 Burl Claro Walnut
#07368                $29.95

  Ambrosia Maple (Especial)

#06100            $27.95        

fancy Burl Walnut  (Especial)
#07332              $32.00     

  Fancy Texas Mesquite (Extra)
#07326             $27.95

 Australian Mesquite  (Extra)
#07327            $27.95

 Plain Texas Mesquite (Extra)
#07328               $27.95