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Custom Pistol Grips

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To save us both time, we do not checker and I am set up to make the grips that I have shown and not set up for any others at the time .  I also do not make one off grips for any gun.   I do sometimes have woods, horn or synthetics, that are not listed in materials. The grips shown in the pictures on my pages are the grips you will receive unless otherwise discussed.


Hogue grips


Hunter and  Triple K

FEG  PJK, PM HP, FM & Kareen Mk II, III grips

 Grip Materials
 Astra Grips

Burl & Stabilized  Burl Grips

Ballester Molina Grips

     Star Pistol Grips

A, B, P & M, AS, BS, PS, Super A, B, P 


S, SS, S Super, SM, SI


 Star D, FI-D , Iver Johnson Pony

     Llama Pistol Grips

Max I, IX, IXA, XIA, IV, V, VII, VIII Models 

Mini Max 

I, II, III, IIIA, X, XA, XV, Micro Max

     Colt Pistol Grips

Government, Commander, Officers 

Military Collectibles

Rifle Slings
Pistol Holsters
Cleaning Kits

Cleaning Rods
Magazines & Chargers
Rifle Parts
Customers Guns



Texas Concealed Hand Gun Training 
Provided by
Schaefer Training Academy
Central Texas
Firearm Instruction for Beginning Handgun and Shotgun Shooters
Tulsa, Oklahoma U.S.A.

Check out our informational web site on many of the guns used from the 1890's to the present day.
The Spanish Star Pistols